February 15, 2021

7 Ideas for a Surprise Outdoor Proposal

Every year, more than 2 million marriages occur in the U.S.

The first big decision you’ll make as a part of your marriage occurs before your partner even knows you’ve got wedding bells on the mind. How the heck are you going to propose?

If you and your loved one are big fans of the great outdoors, you might consider an outdoor proposal.

There are countless awesome outdoor proposal ideas that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives. Let’s take a look at 7 of them.

1. Choose a Sentimental Location

Is there a location that has a sentimental value to you and your partner? Consider popping the question at the spot where you had your first kiss, where you first met, or where you shared a special moment.

2. Hiking For Proposals

When choosing a hiking location, consider finding a trail that will lead you to an impressive view or beautiful sunset. You can either keep this a small affair with just the two of you, or you can contact your friends and family to meet you after the hike.

3. Make Your Proposal While Camping

There’s nothing quite like the simplicity and peace of taking a camping trip. It’s an opportunity to remember what really matters. Whether you pop the question while you’re stargazing, enjoying the campfire, or hiking around the grounds, this is a top-notch option for proposals in the spring, summer, or fall.

4. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

In order to keep this one a surprise, try to start incorporating watching the sunrise or sunset as a part of your regular life. Then, when the day comes, they’ll never see it coming.

5. Plan a Photoshoot

Getting couples photos is something that all couples should do at one point or another. Plan an outdoor photo shoot under the pretext of getting some nice photos taken together. The plus side of this is that you’ll have a professional photographer on hand to capture the moment you pop the question.

6. Get Out on the Water

Are you and your partner more the type of people that like hanging out on the lake rather than hiking in the woods? No problem. Rent a canoe, charter a speedboat, or rent a whole sailboat for an afternoon to create a memorable and romantic occasion.

7. Plan a Picnic

If your looking for ideas for proposals in spring, consider setting up a picnic. This is a lovely way to spend time together, and the perfect time to ask the big question.

Let Us Help You Capture Your Outdoor Proposal!

Planning an outdoor proposal can be nerve-wracking, but proposing in the great outdoors is a great way for you and your partner to focus on your love and the dream of your future.

At Vild Photography, we’re a husband and wife team that loves to help couples celebrate their engagements and weddings and photographically capture their love of one another.

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