What is a First Look?

What is a First Look?




First looks are the best!

This intimate and special little session slows everything down to create a cozy moment and gives you the chance to bask in each other’s affection before the frenzy of the wedding day. Most importantly, this moment will allow you to get out the jitters and nerves so you feel and look relaxed and comfortable for the rest of the day. Ironically, a first look is one of the very few moments where you’ll actually get to enjoy each other’s company! The rest of your day is filled with family and friends who can’t help but share their love and excitement with you! This is also the perfect moment to get your formal couple’s session finished before moving onto group photos.

The first look is best done in a quiet place, away from everyone else. You will most likely walk up to him, from behind, tap him on the shoulder and he will turn around and see you all dressed up for the first time. You can hug, kiss, twirl a few times – and you can (and probably will) cry together. It’s a fantastic way for both of you to connect and remember why you are about to marry each other. There is something so beautiful about that. (Definitely, some of the most beautiful emotions will come from this time together.)





If you’re still not convinced:

  • The best thing about getting formal photos done at the beginning of the day: You look incredible! Of course, you’ll both look amazing all day, but a first look is done before the ceremony and reception when your hair is in place, you haven’t cried off that bottom mascara, and neither of you has gotten the chance to dirty your attire.

  • You’ll actually get intimate time on your wedding day with your man. Most brides don’t realize that when you walk down the aisle you totally SHOCK him with your gorgeousness. So much so that he can’t even tell you how amazing you look. He can’t touch you, kiss you or even speak with you until the ceremony is over and the reaction thirty minutes later after the ceremony is just not the same.

  • Scheduling time for photos before the ceremony with a first look and after your ceremony, ideally during sunset, allows for more beautiful photo opportunities.  In addition, a first look will save time later when the transition from ceremony to reception takes place. With most (or all) of your photos done, you can do something seemingly unheard of: Actually enjoy the cocktail hour with the rest of the guests!