Wedding Day – Portraits

Wedding Day – Portraits


Family Portraits

Family photos can sometimes seem to be the most tricky part of the day. They are definitely one of the most time consuming (unless everyone is on the same page).

We always try to find a location that is outside, close to the ceremony site, and that is shaded (or in soft natural light). The closer to the ceremony site the easier it is to wrangle people before they all go towards the cocktail hour and reception. The more time we spend on family photos, the less time we will have for your Bride and Groom photos ,which is what most couples will want for the next 70 years.


We politely ask you to limit your family photos time to your immediate family, grandparents and other extremely important people and save the rest of your group photos for the reception. The reception is great for those group photos of your co-workers, old friends, cousins, aunts and uncles.

Make sure to tell everyone that is expected for family photos to stay immediately following the ceremony. Having to wait for family members is the number one reason it’s going to take longer to complete all family photos. To avoid having to deal with people who get frustrated while waiting, we HIGHLY recommend appointing someone who knows your family members to help ensure that everyone is there. We might not realize that you are missing your sister or your nephew.