Wedding Day – Details

Wedding Day – The Details




When we first arrive, we will walk through the property to check everything out. We often decide on locations to photograph a first look, portraits and so on before we even come and say hi to you. Once we’ve said hi and gotten a lay of the land, we want to start photographing your dress and details. It’s incredibly helpful (we can’t stress this enough) if you have all these details in ONE place. We often show up to weddings where the rings are in different locations and the flowers are not there yet, which means we can’t get all of the details we want to capture.

Once we are done photographing everything, we promise you’ll get everything back! We are sometimes responsible to bring the rings over to the groom and his best man since we’ll be heading over there anyway. PRO TIP: It’s also super helpful if you can designate someone close to you to be in charge of all these little items so you don’t have to worry about a thing!



Items to keep with the Groom(s)







Items to keep with the Bride(s)

Bride’s dress

Bridesmaids dresses

Pretty hangers for dresses

Rings (all of them)

Bride + Bridesmaids shoes

Bride + Bridesmaids jewelry

Bride’s headpiece / veil


Stationery (invides & save the dates)