Wedding Day – Ceremony


Wedding Day – Ceremony

After everyone is dressed and ready and once all the portraits are done (if we are doing a first look), it’s now time for you to actually get married! As we move over from the getting ready location, we will get some photos of your ceremony location as your guests arrive and take their seats. Rob will most likely stay with you until the very last minute you walk down the aisle while M will capture more of your guests at the ceremony site.




First Kiss

You might want to ask your officiant to step back (or to the side) during the first kiss so that only the two of you are in the frame. And don’t be afraid to smooch! Kisses that last longer will allow us to get more images!

As you walk down the aisle during the recessional, feel free to dance, raise your hands or maybe stop half way down and kiss! That always makes for some great photos because everyone will be clapping their hands, throwing petals/confetti or blowing bubbles! We’ll follow you out to capture your first few moments alone as a married couple.

Walking Down the Aisle

If you have done a first look before this, most nerves will have calmed down. If this is the first time you see each other, you are going to be so nervous and excited all at the same time. When you and your bridesmaids are coming down the aisle, stand up straight, keep your shoulders back, chin forward and down and look straight ahead at your soon-to-be husband.

Don’t forget to SMILE! (It’s okay to have happy tears!) Hold your bouquet (if you have one) down towards your belly button and tilt them slightly forward so that we can see both your stunning dress AND flowers at the same time. These little hints are going to make you look your absolute best as you calmly make your way forward.

As you start to walk, lock eyes with your partner and let everything else just melt away. This is a very special moment and you shouldn’t rush through it. Don’t forget to hand your bouquet to someone and be sure to get it back before you walk back down with the love of your life!