2 – SM Hub Info 6


Tips & tricks


  • Wear normal makeup (now is not the time to try any new trends and feel unnatural)

  • Bring along a change of clothes and maybe an extra sweater if you get cold

  • Pack the night before and leave early to avoid stress

  • Remember to have fun with your family & enjoy your time together


  • Bubbles, balloons, lollipops, and flowers entertain the little ones and look great on camera

  • Don’t leave the favourite toy behind just because. We would all rather have happy kids then unhappy kids in the images

  • Bring out the inner ballerina, astronaut, princess, fairy, train conductor: costumes and period outfits are totally okey

  • Bare feet are never out of style

  • Make sure to pack extra water, juice, and a favorite snack to keep the energy level up

  • Kids can get messy, so pack an extra towel or wipes just in case


  • A tired pet is a behaved pet, so let them get their kicks out before we meet up

  • Favorite treats are a must-have