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You’re Engaged!
Now What?

The only question now is: What’s next? With so many “to-dos” popping up in your head (dates, guest lists, dresses and all that fun stuff) from the moment that ring hit your finger, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed.

We’re here to help in any way we can – rest assured!

Couple in the woods - vild photography


Engagement photography by Lake Tahoe - Vild Photography


Tips & Tricks- Informative Blog posts

Get LEGALLY Married in CA + NV: A Go-To Guide for Eloping Couples

One of the least “fun” parts about planning an elopement is taking care of all of the legal stuff. But, of course, if you actually want to end up married after your elopement, double checking that you’re doing everything correctly – and legally – is a must. After all, what a disappointment to have to attend to all of these details after your ceremony when you should be off enjoying married life!

Tips & Tricks- Informative Blog posts

How to Elope in the Most Wildly Beautiful Place on Earth: Tahoe

Eloping is the best idea ever. Not only does it help you get just the wedding you want (without the gigantic budget and major drama), but it’s the best way to ensure that your wedding really is about YOU. Choosing where you want to elope is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. Thankfully, there is the perfect spot for adventurous couples like you: TAHOE.


Tahoe elopement - VILD Photographer