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Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers, Vild Photography, share their favorite wedding venues in Tahoe and in the surrounding areas.

If the water is calling to you, pick it up. Trust us, because you deserve to get married on the water in Lake Tahoe! Hosting your wedding on a boat in Lake Tahoe might just be the dreamiest thing ever. Not only is it a unique option for those who love sailing/cruising, but you’ll also […]

Lake Tahoe cookies for wedding

Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous area full of potential inspiration for your wedding day. There are several ways to include Lake Tahoe in your wedding, beyond just having the right venue. As wedding photographers, we’ve seen so many great instances of couples using Lake Tahoe in their wedding design that we wanted to share the […]

how to host a great welcome party at Lake Tahoe

A welcome party can be an amazing addition to your wedding weekend. Especially if you’re having a lot of out-of-town guests, we recommend hosting a welcome party. As Lake Tahoe wedding photographers, we often guide our couples through their Lake Tahoe experience. So, if you’re looking to plan a great welcome party in Lake Tahoe, […]

what shoes to wear for your Lake Tahoe elopement

We often see our couples show up in the wrong type of shoes for their Lake Tahoe elopement or wedding. They want those gorgeous photos in the mountains, but their shoe choice and their attire just aren’t ideal. We want to help out if you’re unsure what shoes to wear and let you know how […]

Create a Plan B for your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Wedding planning can be so much fun because you get to think about your ideal day. It’s fun to choose the perfect venue and pick out décor items. On the day of your wedding, you get to marry your favorite person while surrounded by loved ones. But weddings also come with a lot of fine […]

bride and groom portraits at Lake Tahoe

One of the questions we frequently get asked is whether or not hiring a videographer is worth it. Couples want to know what they should do, and our answer is always, “It depends.” A videographer can capture a different view of your wedding day, but many couples never rewatch their wedding video. So, it’s important […]

What to Wear for Your Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

When you get engaged, there are a lot of decisions to make and things to consider. When and where will you get married, what will your cake look like, and what sort of ceremony will you have are all part of the bigger picture. One of the major decisions you’ll need to make, however, is […]

We would like to talk a bit more about “WHY” bride and groom exchange gifts (and the sweet moments we can capture from that). How they will feel more relaxed and excited about their day if they start the day of exchanging gifts. Also, talk about “when” to exchange the gift – during the getting […]

Lake Tahoe wedding photo

Where you get married is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during wedding planning. The location will pretty much dictate the feel of the whole thing, whether you choose an upscale ballroom, go rustic in a barn, or keep it casual on the beach. You might also consider a wedding destination; did you […]