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Family-Friendly Activities in South Lake Tahoe

Are you planning a family trip for the summer? Summer is one of the best times of the year to take your family out on vacation. Many children cultivate fond memories with their families during the summer. If you’re looking to enjoy the warm summer sun and water, check out South Lake Tahoe! South Lake Tahoe is a popular […]

How to Make your Family Photo Session Fit the Season

Family photos are great for keeping track of your family’s growth and preserving great memories. That’s why families spend a lot of time making sure their family photos always look good. But there’s a lot to consider when conducting a family photo session, with the season being one of them. You’re not going to take a […]

How to Dress Your Family for Family Photos

There is nothing worse than spending time, money, and energy on getting family photos taken and realizing that you should have put more effort into your outfits. Need some tips on how you can avoid this picture session nightmare? Get the pictures of your dreams with these helpful hints – lights, camera, outfits, action! All […]

5 Fun Props to Bring to Your Family Session

With more than a trillion photos taken each year, creating photos that stand the test of time can be a challenge. While many of our photos remain forgotten about on our mobile phones, family group photos remain as important as ever. They capture a moment in time and celebrate the joyousness of our families. Adding a prop to […]

Tips to Prepare for a Family Photo Shoot

Are you looking to hire someone to take family photos? There are many reasons for you to get your family together and have a family photo shoot. It can make for great decoration and can even help in your children’s development. The process for getting a good family photo can be tricky, though. Both you and […]

There’s a huge surge in the popularity of family portraits, but not everyone is excited about the prospect of gathering everyone together for a family photography session. As beautiful as the final photos can be, the stress involved with making them happen often causes families to avoid them. But that doesn’t have to be the case […]

Many people plan photoshoots for the summer months, yet winter photo shoots can be just as magical – if not more so – if they are planned right! There is nothing more beautiful than snuggling up with your loved ones with a beautiful blanket of snow and gorgeous scenery. That’s why we’ve compiled a few […]