Capture, Share & Preserve


VILD photography


This guide is designed to guide you through some of our best tips and tricks for how to best plan your day. It is also designed to give you an insight in what a wedding day can/will look like and how we will photograph it. Remember that every wedding is unique and that your day may look completely different than this. That’s okey!! We simply want to share this insight with you so that you can feel more prepared and better understand what to expect before, during and after your wedding day.




While we’re confident you’ll never forget these special moments, we’re also confident that there’s nothing better than capturing them so that you can enjoy that feeling again and again. A constant reminder of who you are and where you are going, photographs have the power to capture the subtle details, ones that will fade with time if you’re not careful.



Photos are meant to be shared and seen. The beauty of the digital world we live in is that we have instant access to everything – and practically everyone. Why shouldn’t your photographs be the same? They won’t do anyone any good being hidden on a dusty harddrive in the back of a closet.  Instead, they should be displayed, seen and shared with everyone you love.



The real beauty of photos is that they endure the test of time – if you treat them with care. When you create a moment with someone you love and you allow it to be captured, that exact moment – the feeling, the mood, the look – everything is preserved for future generations of friends and family to enjoy. By preserving your life in spectacular photos, you create one of the greatest gifts you could ever give those you love.