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Bride and Groom Exchange Gift Ideas for Your Special Day

Wedding - Info

We would like to talk a bit more about “WHY” bride and groom exchange gifts (and the sweet moments we can capture from that). How they will feel more relaxed and excited about their day if they start the day of exchanging gifts. Also, talk about “when” to exchange the gift – during the getting […]

There’s a huge surge in the popularity of family portraits, but not everyone is excited about the prospect of gathering everyone together for a family photography session. As beautiful as the final photos can be, the stress involved with making them happen often causes families to avoid them. But that doesn’t have to be the case […]

5 of the Best Outdoor Activities in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe has some of the most scenic vistas and unforgettable travel experiences not just in the United States, but in the world. So whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or booking your annual South Lake Tahoe vacation, this list is for you. Below you’ll find 5 of the best outdoor activities in South […]

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So you just got the photos back from your wedding. You are going through them and you are pleased by the results; so pleased in fact that it’s difficult for you to pick just a few to put in your album. You might be tempted to stuff them all in, but besides the obvious problem […]

When you picture your wedding day, what do you see? Do you think about group pictures? Flowers? Do you envision all of the people gathered around you? Maybe you see yourself in a white, flowy dress or in a tuxedo, flowers and a lovely church, and a photographer snapping pictures. Either way, your dream day […]


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