We're the outdoor-loving husband/wife team that make VILD Photography.

Meet Us

It's all about the (dream) team work...

How we work

VILD is truly a marriage between the two of us and would not be the same without the other.

Rob is the main photographer as he has a more creative and artistic mindset as well as more camera-knowledge. He will handle everything that is related to our gear and your images.

M is more business-minded and will handle communication, planning and everything that's business-related behind the scenes. 

Together we compliment each other.
That's simply how our brains are wired and how we work best.⁠ 

Meet my wife, M

 I was born in South Lake Tahoe, CA at Barton Memorial Hospital. Following a back-and-forth childhood between Tahoe and Nashville, TN, I landed here in these mountains and I am proud to call them home. I was very blessed to have grown up in two completely different worlds. Nashville nurtured my creative side, while Tahoe challenged my adventurous and outdoorsy side. Photography is not only my career, it’s my passion. I find myself waking up long before dawn to hike to the top of a peek to capture the most incredible sunrise, and tracking the weather constantly to shoot the most colorful sunset. I will drive for hours and stay up all night to shoot the stars. The endless beauty of this place will always keep me busy. 

Main Photographer

I'm Rob

Back to Rob

I’m born and brought up in Sweden, just south of Stockholm and officially moved to the USA in 2016 after finishing collage. I am an adventurer, a daydreamer and am happiest when I’m lost in the woods with ISO (our pup) or on the back of a horse. While getting my bachelor's degree in Sweden I spent the summers working for some ranches in Texas, Montana and Wyoming wrangling horses and working cattle from dawn to dusk. I might not get your movie reference or be able to name the band (Rob’s your guy for that). I will however be able to show you around Europe, teach you how to ride a horse and join you on some epic hikes and fun adventures. Oh, not to mention, plan and officiate your wedding..


Meet "M"

Because we want to be a part of your story it's only fair you get to know ours

How we met

We first met in 2013 while I (M) was wrangling (hats, boots, lasso and everything) horses on a ranch outside Yellowstone in WY. Rob was on a cross country mountain bike journey from Portland, ME to Portland, OR when stopping over at the ranch M was working at. Both of us were absolutely covered in dirt, sweat, and grime after the day’s hard work but still completely smitten with each other. 

After 3 years of long distance SWE <—> USA relationship-ing we finally settled in Lake Tahoe in 2016. In 2018 we finally bought our first house together.

The Proposal

M’s dad, Roland, was visiting from Sweden and had agreed to take some photos of us. While M was getting ready for our little session Rob showed Roland a couple simple tricks so that he could best capture THIS moment. This was all on May 20th, 2019 in Carson City, NV 

Our Wedding

After 7 years together and a lot of ups and down planning a wedding through the pandemic we finally got to have our day (August 12, 2020).

M started her hair and makeup at 2:30am and finished in time for us to do our sunrise hike at 5:00am. We watched the sunrise from our favorite mountain top while sharing our vows. The rest of the day was filled with breakfast, swimming, dinner, and relaxing with some of our closest people. it was a long 22 hour day that flew by because we just had so much fun!

Now we're parents! 

On December 18th, 2021 we welcomed our son Noah into this world. Our lives have forever changed for the better. Watching him grow and learn every day has humbled us like nothing else. Parenthood is an incredible journey and we are honored for this new life adventure.

Born in February, 2020 - He is the biggest snuggler who will insist on full hugs every morning. He is a hiking and mountain biking fool and gets bored the second we stop on a trail. At home he's a true couch potato.

Iso - the goof

She is a little thug with a sensitive soul. We rescued her and are watching her bloom as she is becoming more brave and confident with life. She is a vocal one and will speak her mind - loundly. 

Tattoo - The princess

She is the experienced (oldest) queen of the household and has the sweetest and most gentle personality ever. She is also a coyote attack survivor and grew up on a ranch.

Rascal - The queen

Meet our whole family

A "dramatic bundle of joy" is how he's best described. He smiles and laughs, does a dramatic cough after every cry and is in full on lounge-mode whenever he sits like the biggest little "dude".

Noah - The Baby

Things we are wild about...

Coffee and Chai Lattes

warm winters with little to no snow

Watching 'the Office' & The great BRITISH baking show  (over and over)

busy cities - did we mention how much we love the outdoors?

Off roading in our new 2022 4-runner

Things we're not as wild about...

bland food - because why?


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