April 20, 2023

How to Get Married on the Water in Lake Tahoe

If the water is calling to you, pick it up. Trust us, because you deserve to get married on the water in Lake Tahoe!

Hosting your wedding on a boat in Lake Tahoe might just be the dreamiest thing ever. Not only is it a unique option for those who love sailing/cruising, but you’ll also get the most gorgeous photos. Just picture the open water views, cityscapes, or tropical islands in the background. 

But first, if you’re thinking of tying the knot in the open water, you’ll need to do some extra planning to make it happen. And don’t worry, we got you covered! 

Check out these Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers, Vild Photography, tips on getting married on the water in Lake Tahoe.

What to Consider When Planning a Wedding on the Lake Tahoe

When planning a wedding on the stunning waters of Lake Tahoe, it’s important to keep in mind the constraints of the specific vessel you want, the unpredictability of changing weather conditions, and the time of day. 

Whether deciding to charter a boat, plan to tie the knot on a yacht, or host your wedding reception on a cruise ship, it is crucial to take into account the weather conditions in the surrounding area. Weather, even not directly on the water, still has a direct impact on Lake Tahoe. For everyone’s best comfort and wedding experience make sure to keep track of them with your planner to ensure things run smoothly. 

When planning, make sure to check your departure location and the weather forecast for that day. Don’t let the weather discourage you from setting sail and tying the knot! Instead, have a backup plan for windy and cold conditions.

Boat Options in Lake Tahoe for Getting Married on the Water

Getting married on a boat offers a range of options in terms of size and style! 

This allows you to choose what best suits your guest list size and wedding dreams. Of course, pricing will depend on several factors, including the size of the boat, its style, and the time of year in Lake Tahoe. We recommend looking into some yacht, cruises, and charter boat wedding venues that may only require a fee for the use of the vessel! 

Some amazing vessel options to look into around Lake Tahoe for getting married on the water are:

Tips for Yacht Weddings in Lake Tahoe

Hosting your wedding reception on a yacht is a unique way to celebrate your love with an unforgettable view. On the yacht, you have options to host your ceremony somewhere else than boarding the boat or planning it all on the waters of Lake Tahoe. 

Always consider the size of your guest list first when researching the perfect yacht for your wedding on the water. It’s recommended to also contact local maritime offices in Lake Tahoe to get offered suggestions on how to charter a yacht. You can also contact any of our recommended boat options above to help you out. 

After you confirm your guest list adheres to the yacht’s regulations, it’s time to start thinking about spacing and sufficient restrooms to meet the group’s needs. These are two questions you want to ask when researching yachts: Is there enough space for everyone to enjoy your wedding day by moving around comfortably? Are there enough restrooms on board to accommodate everyone? 

Tips for Charter Boat Weddings in Lake Tahoe

If you want to charter a boat for your on-the-water wedding in Lake Tahoe, it’s important to keep the size in mind. Choosing a boat that can accommodate your guest list and your specific needs is crucial. You’ll want to triple-check that the boat you plan to charter fits your personal style and meets the type of reception that you want. 

One thing to keep in mind is that when charting a boat, you’ll want to talk to your insurance carrier about your policy. Make them aware of the charter boat wedding of your dreams and if you are covered for certain criteria like the event, boat owner, and your guests on board. They’ll be able to discuss more on your personal policy as well as help you make it happen. 

As stated above, it’s important to consider the timing when chartering a boat. There are specific timeframes for charter boats based on Lake Tahoe. So discussing this with the boat owners as well as your planner is key for nailing the perfect timeline.

Tips for Cruise Weddings in Lake Tahoe

When planning a ceremony or wedding reception on a cruise ship, it is important to keep in mind that you will be on a much larger vessel. This typically means that there may be other guests on board who are not part of your wedding party. If privacy is a concern, don’t hesitate to voice those concerns to the ship’s planning team. They may be able to accommodate specific spaces for your ceremony and reception. 

It depends on the cruise, but getting married on open water may not be allowed. Legally, you may need to decide to host your ceremony elsewhere and then your wedding celebration on the ship. But if you want your Jack and Rose moment, you can still say your vows onboard! Reach out to your wedding planner to get the exact details for Lake Tahoe. 

How to Keep Your Guest Comfortable on the Water

While getting married on the waters of Lake Tahoe may be dreamy for you and your partner, it can be tricky. The navigating aspect for some of your guests who aren’t used to being on the water can be a lot.

That plus the added drinking involved with weddings can lead to quicker sea-sickness symptoms. We recommend passing out any patches to help with sea sickness to your guest before getting on the board. Incorporate them in a fun way in welcome bags while! 

Some other options to include in your welcome “aboard” bags are sunscreen, bug spray, fans, and sunglasses. We also recommend keeping a fully stocked snack and water station aboard to keep your guests hydrated and comfortable. With the added elements of the open waters, you need to be prepared and this will help keep your guests prepared too.

Again, pick up the call!
The open waters of Lake Tahoe are calling. 

If you love the open waters these tips are going to make sure you get to have the boat wedding of your dreams. They will keep your guests comfortable and have a memorable time!

We’d love to welcome you aboard our team! Let’s help you make your dreams of getting married on the waters of Lake Tahoe come true!


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