March 28, 2023

Ways to Highlight Lake Tahoe in Your Wedding Design

Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous area full of potential inspiration for your wedding day. There are several ways to include Lake Tahoe in your wedding, beyond just having the right venue. As wedding photographers, we’ve seen so many great instances of couples using Lake Tahoe in their wedding design that we wanted to share the ways you could do it too.

Including Lake Tahoe in Your Wedding Design

Here are the various places you can add some Lake Tahoe to your wedding day design:


Your wedding stationery really sets the mood for your wedding day, and it’s a great place to show off the beauty of Lake Tahoe. You can include watercolor drawings of Lake Tahoe or pictures of the mountains. One of our couples did an illustration of Lake Tahoe that showed their favorite spots, which is the perfect way to highlight Lake Tahoe and your story as a couple. Don’t forget your day of stationery too! You can highlight your favorite scenic views in your menu and escort cards.

wedding stationery with Lake Tahoe illustrations wedding day menu with Lake Tahoe mountains


Your signage is such an important part of your day because it directs your guests and enhances your wedding design. From your welcome sign to  it can be fun and functional. This makes it a great opportunity for adding in some Lake Tahoe to your wedding day décor.

wedding day sign that says please mind the bears


We love a unique seating chart, and Lake Tahoe is great for inspiration. There’s your actual seating chart, and then there’s your table numbers. One cool way to include Lake Tahoe in your wedding design is to name your tables after local locations. A past couple of ours chose to name their tables around locations around Lake Tahoe and California. We love how it gave guests a chance to learn about Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas.

Lake Tahoe seating chart

Gift Bags

One of our favorite local companies is Tahoe Unveiled, which puts together gift boxes for different areas of your wedding day. They highlight local artists and delicacies, giving your loved ones a taste of what Lake Tahoe has to offer. One of their options is a curated welcome bag, which is the perfect touch to welcome your out-of-town guests, but they also put together gift boxes for your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

You can always curate your own box as well. Just include some local items and apparel along with the basics, like an extra toothbrush and hangover items.


One of the best ways to include Lake Tahoe in your wedding design is through your desserts. We’ve had couples do a variety of things in the past. For example, you can include the lake or the mountains in your cake design. One of our couples even had cookies shaped like the lake.

white wedding cake with mountain design Lake Tahoe cookies for wedding


Lake Tahoe has inspired some gorgeous jewelry. You can include Lake Tahoe in your necklace, earrings, or cufflinks. A local jeweler might be best for finding pieces that match your wedding day look.

When it comes to including Lake Tahoe in your wedding design, the sky’s the limit. The natural beauty of Lake Tahoe means plenty of opportunities to add in the lake, mountains, or woods. We love to highlight the gorgeous scenery in our photography as well. If you want wedding day photos that show off you, your partner, and the perfect Lake Tahoe background, reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you.