February 15, 2021

Tips to Prepare for a Family Photo Shoot

Are you looking to hire someone to take family photos?

There are many reasons for you to get your family together and have a family photo shoot. It can make for great decoration and can even help in your children’s development. The process for getting a good family photo can be tricky, though.

Both you and the photographer can get frustrated if things don’t go along smoothly. To prevent that from happening, read the tips below to prepare your family before the shoot. Use these to make sure everything is in order before the photographer arrives.

Prepare the Clothes You’ll Use

The first thing that you need is to have the participants choose their family photo shoot clothes. You can do this a day or a few days before the shoot. This way, you can dictate how the shoot should go and what theme it should follow. Should the family go for something elegant? Which color palette should they go for? And speaking of color palette, it’s a good idea for your family to have distinct clothes from one another. Matching outfits work when going for a specific theme but they stick out like a sore thumb if not planned. Tell your family to keep things unique and discuss what you’ll wear before the shoot to avoid blending and matching.

Get Enough Food and Rest

You will also need all the energy you can get during the shoot. Beforehand, make sure that everyone has enough food and rest. This puts your family in good spirits and will help them get through the shoot without any issues or meltdowns. This is especially important if you have little ones in tow. Pack a snack and a favorite toy to keep them entertained and appeased between snaps.

Use Props or Toys

Family photos don’t have to look the same every time you get together to take one. You can easily make things fun and dynamic by introducing a few props. Even items as simple as different hats, capes, or animals can turn a standard photograph into one depicting action and motion. Not sure where to start? Why not go for a theme? Grab a few lightsabers and become a family of Jedis. Wear cowboy hats and bring out a saddle to depict a family from the old Wild West. You’re only limited by your imagination. Toys are also great options to get babies and toddlers more involved with the photo shoot. Bring along rattles, blocks, or beloved stuffed animals to ensure the little ones will smile or look at the camera.

Capture a Magical Moment in Your Family Photo Shoot

With your family photo shoot all set and ready, you can enjoy a wonderful time. You get to witness the magical moments that will live on for generations to come.

Ready to book a shoot of your own? We can help you make that moment magical. You can contact us today to help you plan and conduct your family photo session.