February 15, 2021

How to Make your Family Photo Session Fit the Season

Family photos are great for keeping track of your family’s growth and preserving great memories. That’s why families spend a lot of time making sure their family photos always look good. But there’s a lot to consider when conducting a family photo session, with the season being one of them. You’re not going to take a photo by the pool in early-March, nor do you want to wear ski gear in a mid-summer photo shoot. So how do you take great family photos that perfectly fit the season?

In this article, we’ll be outlining some key factors so that you and your family can take memorable family photos that fit the season.


Before you start thinking about colors, what to wear, or scheduling the photo shoot, figure out where you’re going to take your family photo. Where you take your photos is going to change based on the season. Maybe you want to highlight new-fallen snow in the winter. Maybe you want to include the beach for summer sessions. Take note of what you want to highlight and pick your location based on that.

Color Palette

Before you pick out everyone’s outfits, it’s good to nail down what color palette you’re going for. Think about 2 to 3 coordinating colors so everyone looks perfect in your photo.


Finally, we get to what everyone’s wearing. What we wear changes throughout the year, so let’s go over the best outfits for each season. We recommend some layers if you’re doing a spring or fall photo shoot. They often add a lot of dimension to your photo without it being too hot or cumbersome. Which colors you choose for your outfits will also be important. Think blue for summer photoshoots and more neutral brown for fall. Remember that coordinating clothes doesn’t mean that everyone has to wear the same thing. Mix it up with who wears what and add some diversity to your photo shoot.


Of course, outfits alone don’t communicate the season. Get photos of you and your family engaging in a seasonal activity! This can be something as simple as tossing fallen leaves around with your kids in the fall. Summer is a great time for outdoor-related pictures. If your family likes hiking or biking, why not take a photo of it? You can pick flowers or set up a picnic during the spring. Maybe make a snowman with your kids or go sledding during the winter. There’s an endless possibility of activities you can engage with that makes for a great family picture. Choosing what activity you want to capture for your family photo session can help you choose the location and outfits as well.

Conduct the Perfect Family Photo Session Regardless of Season

Family photos are important for capturing important memories, so knowing how to take the right pictures depending on the season is key. Use this article to have the best family photo session regardless of the season.

If your family is looking for expert photographers to take your family photos, contact us today. For more articles on photography ideas and tips for your next session, check out our blog!