February 15, 2021

How to Dress Your Family for Family Photos

There is nothing worse than spending time, money, and energy on getting family photos taken and realizing that you should have put more effort into your outfits. Need some tips on how you can avoid this picture session nightmare? Get the pictures of your dreams with these helpful hints – lights, camera, outfits, action!

All Things Considered

Choosing outfits for the members of your family is not the only thing that you need to take into consideration when planning for family photos. Run through this list to make sure all things have been taken into account.

  • Time of year
  • Theme
  • Setting (style and color)
  • Best colors for everyone involved
  • Colors of the home where pictures will be displayed

Keep these five things in mind when planning your family photo shoot.

5 Shades of Yes

While one strict color may not vibe with everyone, you could get away with allowing each member of the family to choose their own shade of the same color. There are so many shades of each color on the color wheel that this idea should work.

Coordinating Colors

If you can’t get them all in the same color, at least make sure that their color of choice doesn’t clash with anyone else’s colors. You never know until you see the colors next to each other. Take everyone shopping and have them try their family photo outfits on to make sure it fits them and fits with the fam.

100% Matching Outfits

Matching outfits are not every family’s first choice, but they are often super cute. And, it often takes less effort than trying to match up and coordinate different outfits. This may be challenging to get everyone’s outfit from the same designer, so be flexible with it.

Pick a Theme

Play with the idea of choosing a theme for your family photo. Theme ideas such as patterns or accessories work well. How about flannel, denim, floral, hats, or boots? Pick a few, tell your family to mix and match from the choices. Then add in a color or two. How about denim, white, floral, and boots.

Wardrobe Change

So you’ve got it narrowed down to a few outfits but you can’t make a final decision? Ask your photographer (and family) if you can do a wardrobe change halfway through the session. They may charge you a bit extra, but it will be worth it.

Classic vs Trendy

A tip from the professionals is to choose classic outfits over wild or trendy. This tip comes from families that have regretted choosing something outrageous or trendy and looking back a few years down the road with regret.

Get Everyone’s Approval

Is it hard to get everyone in your family to agree on things? Well, if you want them happy on picture day and smiling for the camera, you will have to put serious effort into getting them to agree on the outfit that you choose. Ask for their input so that the whole thing doesn’t turn into an argument. Try the outfits on in advance and snap a few quick trial pictures with the self-timer setting on your phone. If the colors pop, and nothing is clashing, then go with it. Keep this event as stress-free as possible.

Family Photos

Take a deep breath and plan as many details as you can. After that, just let the family photos session flow. Your photographer will help to direct your family, all you need to do is smile.

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