February 15, 2021

Family-Friendly Activities in South Lake Tahoe

Are you planning a family trip for the summer? Summer is one of the best times of the year to take your family out on vacation. Many children cultivate fond memories with their families during the summer. If you’re looking to enjoy the warm summer sun and water, check out South Lake Tahoe! South Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for families looking for a fun summer. Looking for some fun family things to do in South Lake Tahoe? This article covers some great family-friendly activities for a summer lake vacation. Read on to discover some great family activities to enjoy.

Paddleboard and Kayaking

The lake is a great destination for summer family trips. The clear and calm waters offer many great activities for kids. If you’re looking for more than pool fun, go to South Lake Tahoe and take your kids kayaking. You can also take the family out for a standing up paddleboard trip. South Lake Tahoe offers everything you need to enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding. South Lake Tahoe offers guided tours and hourly rentals for families. If you have no experience, the South Lake Tahoe staff can help you out. They offer lessons and assistance for visitors of any skill or age level. Your toddler can also join in on the fun!

Kids’ Adventure Camp at Squaw Valley

If you want to go camping with your kids, go to Squaw Valley and check out the Kids’ Adventure Camp. Kids can enjoy hiking, tram rides, and yoga. They can also learn how to cook, engineer, and navigate the wilderness. Squaw Valley Adventure Camp is open from Friday to Monday. If you want to give your kids the experience, visit from 9 am to 3 pm. The Squaw Kids’ Adventure Camp is available for kids aged 5 to 13.

High Camp

Take your kids on an aerial tram ride and check out High Camp. High Camp offers a kids’ playground and a Swimming Lagoon and Spa. You may also take a trip to the roller rink to enjoy a few spins. The Lagoon offers casual umbrella bars and seating for families. You’ll also find plenty of changing rooms and showers.

Visit the East Shore Trail

If you’re looking to take a break from water during your summer lake trip, go down to the East Shore Trail. This is a three-mile path between Sand Harbor State Park and Incline Village. The East Shore Trail is open for non-motorized bike riding and walks. Take it easy and enjoy a stroll away from vehicles and traffic. You’ll find a wide parking area with direct access to the East Shore Trail. Planning to extend your visit for a few days? Book your reservation at the best South Lake Tahoe hotels.

Take a Trip to South Lake Tahoe Today

Now you know some great family activities for your South Lake Tahoe trip! South Lake Tahoe is a great summer destination for kids of all ages.

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