February 15, 2021

6 Fun Activities to Spruce Up Your Couples Photo Shoot Session

Are you and your partner looking to have an awesome couple’s photo session done? A nice couples photo shoot is a great memento. Let a professional photographer capture your relationship in style!

But what are you going to do to make your photos pop? Sure, you can have the standard photo shoot gazing lovingly at each other in front of some trees, but why not add something extra to make it your own this time?

Not sure what to do? We have some ideas. Keep reading for a few of our favorite fun activities to make your professional photo shoot unique.

1. Hit the Brewery

Who doesn’t love a good beer with a loved one? If you and your partner feel most comfortable at your favorite date night spot, why not have photos done there? You’ll feel in your element and you’ll get awesome, natural, and candid photos. A beer garden or outside patio makes a great photo shoot background, and you’ll get to have a drink while we do all of the hard work! This isn’t just a photo session, it’s a date!

2. Go Camping

Do you love the great outdoors? Take this couple’s photo shoot as an opportunity to go camping. Camp with photos in mind. You want to bring clothes that you want to be photographed in and a nicer tent, but isn’t this a great opportunity to upgrade from your old tent? There’s nothing cuter than photos taken by the fire or in front of your favorite natural backdrop.

3. Go for a Swim

Why not take a dip in the lake for your photo session? We love photos by the water. Water offers visual opportunities that land can’t match. You get the basic session on dry land, but then you get the unique photos in the lake. Don’t be afraid of wet hair and clothes, we know how to make anyone look awesome by the lake.

4. Play a Game

Do you and your partner have a competitive streak or a favorite outdoor game? Why not include it in your session? We love photographic couples getting into their tennis or volleyball games. The bright colors of a classic beach ball contrast nicely with the natural tones of the beach making for a poppy and unique photo opportunity where both of you will be having a great time. Don’t worry about unnatural smiles and awkward poses. The fun that we capture is real!

5. Have a Picnic

Are you not quite outdoorsy enough for a camping trip, but you still want something fun to do outside? We love photographing picnics. Bring your favorite blanket and a basket full of snacks for a photo session that’s sure to please. These shoots have a great vintage look, and they’re effortlessly cute. Not sure how to arrange yourselves? We’ve got that part covered.

It’s Time to Arrange Your Couple’s Photo Shoot!

Whether it’s an engagement photo shoot, an anniversary photo shoot, or a general “hey, we’re in love!” shoot, a couple’s shoot is a great way to spend an afternoon and get some treasured photos.

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your special moments? We’re here for you. Contact us with your ideas and we can bring them to life!