February 15, 2021

5 Fun Props to Bring to Your Family Session

With more than a trillion photos taken each year, creating photos that stand the test of time can be a challenge. While many of our photos remain forgotten about on our mobile phones, family group photos remain as important as ever. They capture a moment in time and celebrate the joyousness of our families.

Adding a prop to your family session can give it more meaning, make it more fun, create a sense of movement and energy, and remove any potential awkwardness and unnatural poses. Props are especially useful with children, whose bright smiles can be brought out with some simple and fun additions. Props also help to cement a particular moment of time, whether a specific occasion or a date.

Here are ideas for five great photo prop ideas to have at the ready for your next family photo session.

1. Favorite Toys

Including your children’s favorite toys, such as stuffed animals, is a great way to personalize your family’s photo sessions. These toys add a sentimental touch to photos and make it easier for children to feel more relaxed. For added sentimentality, include your own childhood toys alongside theirs and create a photo full of warm memories.

2. Games

If your family is mad about sports, embrace it! Whether your family is throwing the pigskin around or stepping up to the plate to hit a home run, sports-themed photos are truly timeless. These kinds of props make family photos more natural and energetic, one that you will be happy to hang on the wall. Choosing a sports field, a swimming pool, or a bowling alley as your location helps to add color and place to your photos.

3. Tents & Camping Gear

An outdoor theme is always enhanced with specific equipment, like camping in the wilderness. Whether you’re sitting around a fire sharing stories or busy putting up your tent, these props are great to showcase your family’s sense of harmony and togetherness.

4. Bikes or Kites

Sticking with the outdoors, adventurous theme, including bikes or kites, helps to create a sense of movement and energy in your photos. Family photo sessions with bikes highlight your family’s energetic approach to quality time together, while kites allow for photos with eye-catching angles and effects.

5. Edible Treats

Whether ice cream, cakes, or pizzas is your go to, adding in some delicious food is a great way to make your family photos stand out. A family meal is regarded as a special time for everyone to come together and share how their day was. Capturing that moment with photos helps to create lasting memories of happy times.

Create Timeless Moments With Photo Props

Create special moments by adding creative props to your next family photo session. A simple prop can turn your photo session into lasting memories that you will be proud to hang on your wall. Create a sense of fun and energy by adding more than just your smile to a photo.

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