December 21, 2020

Bride and Groom Exchange Gift Ideas for Your Special Day

We would like to talk a bit more about “WHY” bride and groom exchange gifts (and the sweet moments we can capture from that). How they will feel more relaxed and excited about their day if they start the day of exchanging gifts. Also, talk about “when” to exchange the gift – during the getting ready part of the day right before or after the first look depending on if they want to open them together or in private. Sometimes it can be nice to open them together so they can see and share each other’s reactions. 

We would also like to mention more ideas and not too much about each idea. Love letters would be a great idea if they don’t want to gift an item. 

Approximately 2.1 million marriages take place in the US each year. If you and your person are among these couples, congratulations! There’s nothing nearly as exciting as a life with someone you love above all else.

Before a wedding, it’s customary that a couple exchange gifts to show how much they care. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the most fun and interesting gift ideas that you and your partner are sure to love!

Homemade Baked Goods for Bride and Groom Exchange Gifts

You might be thinking that you’ll have all the delicious cake you could ever want at your wedding. However, homemade cookies, brownies, and cupcakes are a great way to show your loved one that you care. They also cost very little, which means that you’ll have more to spend on your wedding and honeymoon.

Think about your partner and their favorite flavors. If you see them eating a lot of chocolate, an amazing handmade brownie will likely be perfect. On the other hand, if they’re a fruit junkie, a strawberry shortcake or a fruit tart will be exquisite.

Scrapbooks and Albums

A picture can mean a thousand words, but several pictures can tell the story of an amazing relationship. That’s why photo albums and lovingly assembled scrapbook pages make the perfect special wedding gifts for your new spouse.

Assemble some of your best photos from over the course of your relationship. This includes both candid shots that you casually uploaded to Instagram and professional photoshoots that you took on special occasions. You can then group them into sets of images that each tell a story about a different aspect of your relationship.

For example, dedicate one scrapbook page to your favorite trip to Paris and another to the time that you spent with family. Each page is a vignette, and you can put them together into a storybook-style album that your loved one will cherish.

Fun Socks

If you’re a bit more practically-minded, socks are the perfect bride and groom exchange gifts. They’re always appreciated because they’re necessary for everyday life. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re a boring gift!

You can choose socks with a fun print that’s meaningful to you. If your bride really loves turtles, for example, grab a pair of socks that have cute little turtles printed all over them. If your groom’s a handyman, nuts and bolts can be printed on socks that he’s sure to love.

You can even have socks custom made with your faces printed on them! This is a great way to make your loved one laugh. To make things a bit more sentimental, you can put a love letter in the box with your funny gift.

Bride and Groom Exchange Gifts Ideas – Prepare for Your Wedding Today!

Now that you have some ideas for when you exchange gifts, it’s time to start making other wedding preparations. Contact us to discuss your wedding photography needs and see how much it will cost to hire our expert photographers. We’re excited to help you make your wedding day as special and memorable as possible!