December 21, 2020

3 Tips for a Fun, Stress-Free Family Photography Session

There’s a huge surge in the popularity of family portraits, but not everyone is excited about the prospect of gathering everyone together for a family photography session. As beautiful as the final photos can be, the stress involved with making them happen often causes families to avoid them. But that doesn’t have to be the case at all!

There are ways to make a group photo session enjoyable, stress-free, and a memory you’ll cherish as much as the photos. Here are three tips for your family photography session that will make you happy to pose for the camera.

1. Take Your Time

One of the things that cause stress during family photography is not scheduling enough time. Whether you plan an indoor or outdoor family photography session, make sure you have two hours free in your day before and after the event. This will prevent you from feeling rushed and help everyone relax during the photos.

If your family includes very young children, find a time of day that won’t interfere with feeding times or naps. Fussy and hungry babies are much less cooperative during photos. Schedule your session around your own meal times as well – adults can get fussy when they’re hungry, too.

2. Expect Things to Go Against Your Plan

You have an idea of what your photos are going to look like. Admit it. You’ve already thought through the kinds of photos you will post on social media, and imagine the comments and likes!

There is one constant rule for family photography – it never goes the way you imagined. Someone will make a weird face, the clouds will affect the lighting and force you to change locations, or your partner will lack enthusiasm about having their picture taken. If you know going into the session that things are likely to be different than what’s in your mind, you’ll be able to adjust your expectations and avoid frustration.

There are so many instances where the photos turn out better because circumstances forced a change. A child “misbehaving” may become a cherished photo because it shows their unique personality. Don’t discount the power of change and spontaneity. 

3. Be the Subject of Your Family Photography Session, Not the Photographer

There is only one photographer during family session photography. It’s the person you hired to take the pictures. They have a lot of experience doing this, and this is your opportunity to be the focus of their skill and talent. 

So many photo sessions go wrong because a family member wants to direct the photo session. Avoid this urge. You will enjoy the experience much more if you relax and trust the professional. 

It’s perfectly okay to tell the photography the types of images you are hoping for. It’s a great idea to share similar photos you’ve seen and liked. But have these conversations when you book the session, not while the session is underway.

Enjoy the Moment

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to booking a family photography session. Give yourself enough time to enjoy the session without feeling rushed. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your family to realize some idealized moment, and always trust the photographer to capture great images. 

If you are interested in scheduling a family photo session, contact us. We will talk about all your ideas and develop a plan to create an event that will be fun and memorable.