November 9, 2020

Advice for Choosing the Perfect Photos for Your Album

So you just got the photos back from your wedding. You are going through them and you are pleased by the results; so pleased in fact that it’s difficult for you to pick just a few to put in your album.

You might be tempted to stuff them all in, but besides the obvious problem of not having enough pages in your photo album, there is also the matter of having a layout that is aesthetically pleasing and contains the shots you love. Adding the right photos will tell a story and provide a special experience for anyone that is looking at them.

So where do you begin?

While every couple is different and will have a unique variety of photos to choose from, there are some basic guidelines that will make looking at your wedding album a memorable experience; no matter how many times you view the pages. Here are some tips that will be helpful in getting the best assortment of photos from your special day.

Pick Your Favorites

It’s likely your photos can be divided up into categories based on the subject matter of the photos. From these categories, pick just a couple that you absolutely love.

Base your decisions on personal taste as far as how the photos look and the moments they are capturing. Don’t think so much of what pictures have to go in like the ones of the in-laws or those shots of Aunt Sue dancing.

Placing the Photos

The way you place your photos will also contribute to the visual experience. Instead of adding a bunch of pictures and creating clutter, think of putting just a few on a page. Combine horizontal with vertical ones to create interest.

Chronological Schmonological

In general, couples will put their photos in chronological order. This is a good rule of thumb but rules are meant to be broken. There is no reason why you can’t put some stand out shots in the beginning of the album to provide a unique viewing experience.

Create Spreads

You’ve heard of fashion spreads in magazines. Why not give your photo album the same vibe?

Take pictures and put them in their own categories such as ‘reception’, ‘ceremony’ or ‘getting ready’.  Then devote one or two pages to featuring this category in an interesting presentation. Lay images against each other at captivating angles or play with color to add a wow factor.

Intermix Black and Whites with Color Shots

Most photographers will take at least a few black and whites at every wedding. In some instances, there may be more black and whites and not as many color photos. Regardless of what the break down may be, it’s perfectly okay to mix color photos with black and whites while doing the layout for your photo album.

Get the Critical Moments

We already talked about making your favorites a priority. However, you want to also remember to get those critical moments in there. For instance, the kiss or the first dance must be included. When sorting through your photos, make sure to set these aside so they don’t get forgotten about.

Don’t Procrastinate

Some couples may procrastinate in getting their photos delivered and placing them in their album. However, procrastination will make you less likely to remember those must have shots you need to include.

You can also have your photographer create a dream layout for your photos that you can use for inspiration when it comes to placing the photos in your album.

Think About Album Size

When purchasing your albums, you will want to get one that is high quality and attractive, but you will also want it to have the right number of pages to fit your photos.

The album you choose should fit your wedding accordingly. So, a big wedding that had a lot of guests and/or spanned over a couple of day will require a bigger album. On the other hand, if you had an intimate gathering, you won’t need as big of an album to display your photos.

Consider the Framed Photos You Will Need

When going through your photos, remember, you will also want to frame a few to put on your walls and mantlepieces. Be sure to order extras of these shots and to make sure you have the proper sizes. It’s likely you will want them in your photo album…and you also might want a few extras to give to your families and friends.

Provide Easy Access

The place you keep your wedding album is another thing to consider. Some couples will want to put the albums on their coffee tables so friends and relatives can browse through the pages when they are visiting. However, you also want to make sure your album is protected from sunlight and you want to keep it far from children and store it in a location where it won’t get dirty.

Now that you know how to put together your album, you will have a beautiful way to share and reflect on your memories.