November 8, 2020

What to Do With Your Wedding Photos Once You Have Received Them

Your wedding day was a huge success. Beautiful and memorable. You want to go back and relive every cherished moment and what better way to do that than to look through the breathtaking wedding photos that you now have. 

You look through them and then that’s it. You put away your device and continue with your day. But, you know you love these photos way too much to simply leave them on your device. 

Today, we bring you a few ideas on what to do with your wedding photos once you’ve received them. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Back-Up the Back-Up

As you may have guessed, the first thing we recommend you do is to back up your photos and then back them up once more. In other words, store them safely onto some sort of online cloud service. There are plenty available so choose the one you prefer and store them there.

Then, just to be extra safe, save them onto a separate device such as a USB or an external hard drive. Secure storage for your photographs is essential and you want to keep them safe no matter what. You never know what kind of tragedy can strike your computer or cloud that can potentially wipe all your memories. 

Make Them Your Thank You Notes

Writing dozens of thank-you notes might seem daunting and you might’ve been putting it off for a while since it requires a lot of time. But, you’re going to have to make those thank-you notes sooner or later, so might as well make the task a little more fun by using your wedding photos. 

Have your best photos printed to a reasonable size and use the blank space on the back to add your personalized thank-you note for the guests. Or if you don’t want to write on the back of your photograph, just include them as a personal gift alongside your thank-you note. 

Your thank-you notes will be personalized according to each guest and using your wedding photos will give it an extra personal touch. Perhaps you even have a photo of one of the guests! 

Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 15.42.26.png

Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 15.41.17.png

Make an Album 

This is probably the one thing that all couples do without a doubt. It’s not the same to look at your photos through a device than to sit down and flip through an actual album. 

Design your own wedding album. It takes time, yes, but it will be worth it in the end. An album is something that can’t be deleted or erased, which is the best part. 

You can store it away safely and take it out no matter how many years go by. It’s something you’ll always have with you and something you can always cherish. 

Post Them on Social Media 

We all love that sensation when we post a photo and then seconds later, people are liking it and commenting on how gorgeous you look or how amazing that photo is.

Clearly, your wedding photos are too beautiful to keep to yourself and you’re just dying to share with everyone else how stunning you looked in your wedding dress or tux. Then go for it! What better way to share than to post them on social media. 

Put Your Wedding Photos on Display

Don’t limit yourself to just an album or posting them on social media. Sharing your photos with everyone is always a great thing to do with your wedding photos but having them displayed around your home makes you be able to look back on those fond memories even more often.

Print out several of your favorite wedding shots in a variety of sizes and display them. You can either frame them and hang them above the staircase, or place them on the coffee table. You can also make them into a cute calendar for your desk at work or your home office. The options are endless!

Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 15.41.52.png

Create Gifts 

Using your wedding photos as a gift for your family relatives is always a great choice. Framing your favorite wedding photo and framing it for one of your relatives or close friends is always a personal gift. If you want to get even extra creative, you could look into printing out some photos on objects such as mugs or cushions. 

Use Them as Your Holiday Cards

You don’t have to take that traditional holiday photo where couples and families all wear matching, fuzzy sweaters. Break the tradition and use your wedding photos instead! 

You can use them to create original holiday cards that will be beautiful without a doubt. Look online for fun designs and ideas and turn your holiday cards into a lovely piece of art. 

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Have a Viewing Party

Invite your families and bridal party, get some snacks, pour some drinks, and have a full-on viewing party!
Re-live your day with your closest people and have them enjoy the galley with you! We guarantee it’s worth it.

Get To It!

Start off with any of these options. Get creative with your wedding photos and make original use out of them. Follow these great suggestions in order to get full use out of your wedding photos.