November 5, 2020

Jason and Angela’s South Lake Tahoe Fall Wedding at Heavenly Mountain

Angela and Jason’s South Lake Tahoe wedding at Heavenly was anything but ho-hum. It’s clear the couple have a sense of adventure based on the way the day went down.

It all started with Angela and Jason getting ready down by the Lakeland Village. From there, members of the wedding party were taken to the Lake View Lodge via a scenic cable car trip overlooking the lake. The bridesmaids led the wedding party wearing dark fall colored gowns of their own choosing. Next came the groomsmen. They wore vibrant blue suits, complemented by white shirts and red bowties. This provided the wedding with an overall vintage-inspired appeal.

Guests then teetered precariously in high heels over the rocky stairs that led to an outdoor location that overlooked more of the Lake Tahoe scenery. Chairs for the guests were set up providing a view of a wide expanse of the open sky.

Angela’s gown also had a distinctly modern/vintage look. The column silhouette dress fell around her feet and graduated out into a soft train. The top of the gown had a v-neck, thick straps, and a lacy detailing. She completed the look with white open toe sandals with a low heel. She carried a vibrant bouquet of red, pink and white roses. In lieu of a veil, she wore a floral headband that finished off the soft, retro look perfectly.

Her husband to be was dressed in the same blue suit, white shirt and red bow tie his groomsmen wore. He walked up the aisle with the couple’s dog in tow. The dog would sit by their feet as they said their vows.

The couple exchanged rings which included a thin diamond band for her and a thicker gold band for him. After the ceremony, the guests would enjoy a cocktail hour. They played games, talked, laughed and let loose in general.

The reception took place at an indoor location. Guests sat at long tables to enjoy their meals. After the meal, the couple would cut into their three-tier cake which was beautifully decorated with blueberries and a rustic looking topper that featured their initials, A & J.

Once the dancing started, the party reached a whole new level of fun. Guests were laughing and boogieing well into the night to celebrate the couple moving forward on their journey together.

Jason and Angela’s wedding was anything but ordinary. We certainly hope their marriage continues to capture a spirit of adventure that will endure throughout their lives together. We wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to ski with them next season!