September 28, 2020

Carrie & Jeff’s Fairy Tail Wedding In The Rain

Some people will say, love, at first sight, is a myth, well not for Carrie and Jeff. Carrie was working as a bartender when Jeff first walked in and she was immediately completely captivated by him. They exchanged numbers and have talked or texted every day since. They have now been together for almost 13 years (!).

When Carrie first reached out to us she only had a vague idea of what she wanted their day to be like. She wanted it small, simple, and unique. We immediately started to talk about timelines, ideas, and locations for them. We helped them with vendor recommendations  (Zuri Floral Design ( created the most amazing flowers for the day) and did some serious location scouting to find the perfect spot.

After showing up and getting everyone ready to get into the cars before heading out to the ceremony spot we’ve picked the sky completely opened up! It started POURING rain! We all headed out hoping it would stop by the time we got out to our spot but it didn’t – it went on and on and on. Eventually, Carrie said – let’s just do it in the rain. We all got out of the cars and just embraced it. We got soaking wet but had the BEST time! With the sun coming through the trees and the water drops on the leaves it was just magic. Thankfully all of our camera gear is waterproof.

After the ceremony, they all headed back to their home to warm up and dry off before enjoying a homecooked meal and the prettiest home-baked cake.

Everyone says a little rain on their wedding day means good luck so now we know that they will have a long and happy marriage.