August 18, 2020

Erin and Kenny’s Winter Wonderland Tahoe Engagement Shoot

When you look at Erin and Kenny’s engagement pictures, it is clear that they are very much in love. Set to marry in 2020, the two Los Angelenos went up to Lake Tahoe for a winter wonderland engagement shoot. Let’s find out more about the couple and how their session went.

Erin is a work at home cosmetics buyer. Kenny is a California Highway Patrol Sargent. The two got engaged in Stockholm, Sweden. (YAAY! Go Sweden!!)

Kenny used to work in Lake Tahoe. He fell in love with the peaceful, snowy vibe of the area and the two decided it would be the perfect place for their engagement shoot. It was also a great way for them to get their snow fix.

They said they would choose Lake Tahoe for their wedding destination but, because so many of their friends and relatives are local to the L.A. area, they will be hosting in their hometown instead. They are planning their wedding for late 2020.

The couple started their photo shoot on Fallen Leaf Lake which, luckily for the couple, was frozen over for their February 2020 shoot. For this portion of the shoot, they wore casual attire. Kenny wore jeans, a black jersey, a black bomber jacket and sneakers.

Erin wore ankle high snow boots, fitted blue jeans, a red and black plaid flannel cape and a black beanie hat with a pom pom on top. She achieved a great ice skating look (minus the ice skates!) and the bright red plaid made a fun, bold statement.

The couple had a lot of fun on the lake. They held hands, laughed, danced, made funny faces at each other and there was plenty of kissing as well. They picked up snow and threw it at the camera. The winter sun poked through the evergreen trees made the perfect backdrop while the pristine ice captured their playful shadows. 

There were plenty of shots of the engagement ring as well. Some were taken on Erin’s hand while others were taken of the ring itself. For these shots, the ring was placed in the bark of a tree providing a great contrast between a natural setting and the glamorous gem.

 The ring features three perfectly cut round diamonds, the center one slightly larger than the two that surround it on either side. It has a unique white setting with a curly metal pieces coming up under the gems.

The couple walked on to a warmer area where there was no snow on the ground. They took pictures in front of a lake that was not frozen over. Kenny took off his jacket for this portion of the shoot.

They walked along the pebbles on the beach and then found a log to sit on. During this portion of the shoot, the photographer got a couple of close-ups which make for terrific portraits.

After that it was time for the formal part of the shoot. Erin changed into a red gown with a mermaid cut that came down in pleats around her ankles. She wore a white fur shawl around her shoulders for warmth, yet it also made the perfect glamour accessory. She let her hair down so it fell around her face.

Kenny kept up by wearing a nice pair of jeans, black shiny shoes and a black leather pea jacket.

They started off taking pictures in the woods which gave the images a great fairy tale vibe. They stood holding hands for some shots and walked along for others. Then they found a tree stump to sit on providing another great close-up opportunity.

Then they took some more lakefront shots. Here the photographer caught some fascinating angles including peek-a-boo shots taken through the trees. There were others of Kenny in the forefront and Erin in the background. Then the couple traded places for shots of Erin in the forefront and Kenny in the background.

Despite their formal attire, the couple made their way onto some rocks in the middle of the lake. In the photos of them climbing up on the rocks, you can see that Erin still has on her trusty ankle boots which, apparently, are perfect for rugged terrain. The boots are hidden when her dress is down, but when she hikes her skirt up, you can see she kept them on from earlier in the day. Smart move, lady! 

The climb on to the rocks might not have been easy but it was well worth the effort. The shots the couple got of themselves perched on the rocks in the middle of the lake were priceless. Surely these will be pictures they will treasure forever.

After making the somewhat treacherous climb down from the rocks, Erin and Kenny were back in a winter wonderland scene. They took pictures holding hands and kissing on a snow covered terrain complemented by a backdrop of stately evergreens.

The shoot finished off with some princess-like shots of Erin walking through the winter wonderland in her gown and shawl. She shows off her ring as she clutches the shawl to her chest. The couple was beyond happy when they received the pictures from her shoot. Erin stated, “We are over the moon to have these beautiful images.” She also mentioned using the same photography services for her wedding later in the year.

We are so glad Erin and Kenny were happy with their engagement photos. We wish them the best for a bright and happy future together.