July 16, 2020

Angela and Chuk’s Stylish Wedding Day at Berkeley City Club

They say marriages are made in heaven. Yes, that’s true. Don’t you believe that? Days and sometimes years go by waiting for that special one, but when they come, they arrive quite unexpectedly. Both of you may cross paths anywhere—a shopping mall, a corporate office, a theater, or a social gathering. But once you do, the pull seems inextricable. Despite all differences, both of you become twin flames, emanating the power of love.

Something similar happened to Angela and Chuk. After meeting at a public theatre in NYC, these two individuals—different as chalk and cheese—connected and decided to tie the knot. As a couple, they laughed together, ate together, read together, and loved together. And that’s the idea of a happy marriage you may be having, isn’t it?

As lucky as we can get, we got the privilege to shoot the union of these two souls. Being into wedding photography for years now, we have seen many weddings, but there was something unique about this one. The families choose a peerless setting for the wedding—something that most of you can’t think of. The venue was Berkeley City Club, which is set amidst the wilderness and pristineness of Lake Tahoe. Believe it or not, it was an enchanting place, to say the least.

Until then, we were more used to doing wedding photography in archaic city buildings amidst the urbanscape. But this venue was different. The freshness of the air, intertwined with love and joy, was just mesmerizing to witness like nothing else. You would have definitely felt the energy if you were a part of it.

The awe-inspiring architecture of the building was something we reveled to the core. Not to forget, the pool, which truly stole the limelight. The Berkeley City Club pool is set beneath a vaulted ceiling and made of original tile work that’s reminiscent of the 1920s. To describe it in one word – ‘gorgeous!’

Just like any couple getting married, Chuk and Angela paid special heed to their outfits. Why shouldn’t they? After all, both had to look the best amidst the crowd. The changes were incredibly fun! Angela was draped in a beautiful wedding gown that boosted her elegant personality. To-be brides out there, does that inspire you? If yes, then don’t hesitate to mimic her style on your big day.

But what really struck us was Chuk’s outfit. He successfully managed to lend a Nigerian touch to it—something that highlighted and honored his background with great justice. Now, isn’t that amazing?

Angela and Chuk connected over their talent in singing and acting. Most of their days before the wedding went by listening to each other sing. They brought this lovely tradition to their special day too. 

Both were amazing actors, and they demonstrated that to the world too. The degree of talent in that wedding room was plain magical. The entire wedding venue reverberated with their vocal prowess and kept everyone hooked to their act. If that’s your idea of a dream wedding, everything happening there would have whisked you away into your fantasy world for sure.