April 14, 2020

How to Have a Relaxed Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life, a time you will cherish forever. But sometimes, brides and grooms are so stressed out, it gets in the way of their good time. There are some ways you can ensure you have a relaxed wedding day.

Having a relaxed wedding can minimize some of the stress.

These weddings are more casual in nature, so the planning process won’t be as involved. It will allow brides and grooms to get creative opening the door to a fun environment.  It will also make for a more soothing atmosphere that will promote calming vibes among the happy couple and their guests.

If you are looking to have a relaxed wedding day, here are some useful tips.

Go for An Outdoor Location

An outdoor wedding tends to promote a more casual, country wedding vibe. Depending on the location, it can also be less expensive than an indoor venue which minimizes financial strain. Just add some seating, a string of lights and a floral arch and you’re good to go.

If the season you are marrying in does not allow for an outdoor wedding, bed and breakfasts can provide a casual setting that works well for relaxed weddings.

Serve Adult Beverages for a Relaxed Wedding

A cocktail is great for promoting a relaxed vibe. Be sure to have a calming cocktail on hand to serve your guests. To make things even easier, have a table with premade cocktails or a DIY liquor bar on hand. This will eliminate the expense of hiring a server.

Cut Down the Guest List

A lot of couples feel that they need to invite everyone they’ve ever known to their wedding. But cutting down on the guest list can make things much easier. You can rent a smaller venue and you will need less food and supplies. Fewer guests will also allow the bride and groom to focus so they can enjoy their day.

If you are afraid of insulting friends by cutting them off your guest list, explain to them that you are planning a small celebration for friends and family. It’s likely they will understand.

Get the Menu Right

The right menu will complement the relaxed vibe you are trying to promote perfectly.

Go for comfort foods like fried chicken and homemade biscuits but provide a sophisticated setting that will elevate the culinary experience. Other good menu choices include smoked meats, grilled vegetables, fresh fruits, imported cheeses and loaves of bread. Provide carafes of wine, lemonade and ice water to wash it all down.

Desserts can consist of baked goods, and why not even throw in a couple of family recipes? Forget about hiring a baker. Get that oven fired up and start on your own creations.

 Think of serving guests at big wooden tables to give the affair a rustic vibe. When it comes to table settings, shy away from formal China. Instead use textured placemats and plates and silverware that feature a simple, streamlined design and color palette.

Outfits Can Help with A Relaxed Wedding

Brides tend to go all out when it comes to wedding dresses. A casual wedding gives her the freedom to wear whatever she wants and puts an emphasis on comfort. Think casual yet elegant.

Popular casual looks include sundresses, sheath dresses, minis, and pantsuits. And forget about those high heels. Wear simple flats or even a fun pair of white sneakers.

The groom might want to forgo a jacket completely and go for a suspenders and bow tie look.

The wedding party can follow suit-wearing suits and dresses that are more casual in nature whether these are looks provided for them or ones they’ve supplies themselves.

Have Fun with the Décor

The décor will play a major role in setting the tone for a casual event so make sure it’s fun and playful. Getting a casual vibe starts with the invitations. Instead of sending a formal looking, engraved invitation, opt for something with fun colors and a contemporary design.

Keep that spirit going by choosing vibrant colors for your wedding theme. Be sure to include these in the decorations and floral arrangements.

Use handwritten signage and, if you are crafty, DIY where you can.

Provide Plenty of Seating

Most weddings have set seating at both the ceremony and the reception. However, getting creative with the seating can give your wedding a more casual vibe.

Add fun couches and cozy armchairs around your seating areas and don’t be afraid to mix and match…even at the dining tables. This will add to the comfortable vibe and it will give guests a bit more freedom as opposed to an assigned seating configuration.

The Lighting is Everything

Lighting is a key element in setting the scene for just about any event. Break away from harsh lighting and bring in the fun by using patio and string lighting. If you are hosting an outdoor event, tiki lights, sconces and pendants will provide the perfect accent to your setting.

Go vintage for indoor lighting with Edison bulbs and lantern style lighting. And, of course, whether you are planning an outdoor or indoor wedding, you can’t go wrong with candlelight.

Go Bold with Florals

Florals should be big and bold. Bring in offbeat choices in species and color. Gerbera, sunflowers and wildflowers are all great options. These can be displayed in mason jars, pitchers and other eclectic containers.

Some couples may want to forgo florals altogether and incorporate simple greenery into their wedding decorations instead.

Transportation Choices can Make a Relaxed Wedding

If you are responsible for getting your wedding party to or from the ceremony or reception, why bother with a limo? An old pickup truck will do nicely. Your bridesmaids may not have expected such a bumpy ride, but it will make for an experience they will not soon forget.

Say Goodbye in Style

Your party favors will be another way to capitalize on the casual theme. Think of modest and meaningful items such as pieces of fruit, penny candies or sealed jars of honey from a local farm. The presentation should be in line with your theme so avoid overly dressy pouches. Opt instead for burlap sacks wrapped in twine.

Weddings should be fun. While some couples will want to go for an over the top, formal affair, a relaxed vibe can make weddings less stressful and more enjoyable. Look into your options to decide if a casual wedding is right for you.