April 3, 2020

Brian and Alexia’s San Francisco Coastal (and hidden rain-forest) Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot is a great way to celebrate your love and get family and friends excited for your wedding. Brian and Alexia is a couple whose adventurous spirit definitely came through in their session. Here is a look at how their day went.

To start, we can’t say enough about Alexia’s choice of dress. The bride to be made a smart decision going with a blue-gray-purple gown with bell sleeves. Although there is no saying how she was able to navigate the rough terrain in a dress that fell past her ankles, she handled it like a champ!

The dress gave Alexia a fairy princess vibe which looked perfect against the hidden rain-forest scenery we just happen to have stumbled upon. Thy looked like a romantic version of Hansel and Gretel lost in the woods as we all followed the trail leading deeper and deeper in to the forest. We found this amazing little bridge going over a tinny river and ended up hanging out there for a little while.

After exploring the woods we all hopped over to the coast for some idyllic pictures on this magical, secluded beach (with it’s own waterfall). We hiked, ran and danced down to the waterline and spent and hour soaking up the sunset.

We can’t wait to spend some more time with them during their wedding later this year!