March 18, 2020

Want the Best Photos on Your Wedding Day? Here’s How…

No surprise – every single couple wants to make sure their wedding day photos are perfect. While the day might fly by, the pictures are what you get to keep. They provide snapshots of the day that you will love and share forever. Of course, knowing that you want the perfect pictures and actually making sure they turn out just the way you want are two very different things. Let’s talk about some tips to help you get the best wedding day photos.

As professional wedding photographers, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes good wedding day pictures great. Here are some of our best tips for soon-to-be married couples:

Fun and Personal Wedding Day Photos

The best couples portraits are a mixture of fun and personal. If you want to be sure you love your pictures, they need to reflect who you are and how you feel. The more relaxed you can be, the better. If you’re not sure how to relax in front of a camera, use a tip from the professionals and create a playlist you can listen to while getting photographed.

In order to make your portraits fun and personal, you need to avoid static poses that feel posed. Some of the best shots capture couples genuinely having fun with each other. So, whether that piggyback ride was impromptu or planned, there’s a good chance that you’ll love the result.

Use Natural Light When  Possible

Make sure as many of the events you want to be photographed on your wedding day are in naturally lit places as possible. There’s no way around it: natural light always turns out best. If the space is also open to a great view, even better.


Planning a few surprises for each other during the photo shoot is a great way to make sure genuine emotions are captured on film. From literally surprising your partner by running up behind them or bringing a fun prop or gift, there are lots of ways to plan great pictures – and without making them look planned.

Good Planning

And, speaking of planning, be sure you do plenty of it. You want to give your photographers plenty of time to capture great moments. But you also want to plan out the details of your day. This ensures you remain relaxed and comfortable. Nothing’s worse than trying to pretend to be happy and carefree when you’re stressing about whether or not the cake will arrive or if the sound system is going to work.

Stay Cool

Surround yourself with great people you love in the days leading up to the wedding. While this might seem obvious, a lot of brides and grooms feel obligated to interact with everyone, including people who are also stressed out, nervous, negative, etc. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and choose who you spend time with. If and when you need to be around people who are stressing you out, make it as quick and to the point as possible.

After all, the happier you are in the days leading up to your wedding, the happier you’ll be when you see your wedding day photos.