March 18, 2020

How to Have a #Elopefortheplanet Green Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings create a lot of waste. Think of hundreds of favors, elaborate decorations, cross-country airplane tickets, and even transportation for dozens of local vendors. Large weddings are extravagant when it comes to creating unnecessary waste. Unfortunately, most couples don’t even think twice about this issue. They forge ahead with plans that ultimately end up being stressful and expensive, but also not so great for our planet. How about considering green wedding options.

Elopements – A Green Wedding Choice

Elopements, for example, are much more eco-conscious – even if they’re not trying to be. Because everything is on a smaller scale, elopements rarely come close to generating as much waste as standard weddings. If you’re conscious about it, your elopement can easily become a “green wedding.” This means you’re not just eloping for your own reasons, but you’re also choosing to #elopefortheplanet, too.

Want to minimize your wedding waste?

Here are a few tips to get you started in the right (greener) direction…

Get Married Outdoors

A lot of eloping couples plan on getting married outside. Some consider something like a local courthouse. The benefit of having your wedding outside is it saves on a lot of energy.  Outside, the sun provides perfect lighting. You won’t have to worry about covering ugly light fixtures in a large ballroom. If you absolutely must get married indoors, consider choosing a location with natural light so you can keep the lights off.

Go Paperless

More eco-conscious couples choose paperless invites. They are simple and affordable. They also dramatically reduce the amount of paper your wedding requires. If you elope, then you might not have invitations to send. Consider going paperless for your announcement or invitations to a post-ceremony celebration. If you can’t fathom the idea of having a wedding without a proper invitation, consider finding stationery that is recycled or crafted from a sustainable source.

Think Organic

From your wedding flowers to the food, choosing organic is a great eco-friendly option. When you think about choosing your wedding bouquet, look for small local vendors that don’t use pesticides or chemicals. Create an eco-friendlier wedding by choosing seasonal flowers and locally-sourced food.

Consider Your Dress

Most girls dream about their wedding dresses from a young age. However, fashion industry choices add to environmental problems rather than solve them. You may have trouble finding a wedding gown company that stays free from the mess. You choose your dress. It’s a personal choice. Consider buying a dress you can wear more than once. Think about buying one suitable for re-selling or lending to others. Eco-friendly brides rent or buy used wedding dresses often. Try one of thee affordable, less wasteful options.