January 13, 2020

Amy + Jonas’s Indian Elopement at Emerald Bay

Amy and Jonas got engaged just eight months into their relationship. And, while some of you might feel like that’s fast, as soon as you meet the two you realize just how made for each other they are. Yes, after just a few weeks, of course they would know that they should be together. That’s just how magnetic their chemistry is.

Forced to have a long distance relationship when Jonas returned to Germany for work, the couple relishes simplicity. (Jonas proposed to Amy in their living room after a long day of chores!) So, when it came time to plan their wedding, an elopement seemed like the perfect choice.

Inspired by Amy’s Indian roots, the elopement was breathtakingly gorgeous, each detail, including her gown and the intricate henna on her hands, colorful and unique. Just the two of them, the ceremony was, of course, intimate and sweet. With Emerald Bay as the backdrop, the photos we captured managed to be both wild and tranquil at the same time.

After the ceremony, we hiked with Amy and Jonas, enjoying their company as we celebrated and took their portraits. One of our favorite moments was watching Jonas as he helped Amy up some of the rocky hillsides. He was so sweet and they both had such a great “up-for-anything” attitude.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your elopement Amy and Jonas!