November 17, 2019

Engagement Adventure Session with Natalie and Anthony


You know when you meet someone and it just clicks? Like you’ve known them forever or, in some ways, almost like it was meant to be? Well, when we met Natalie and Anthony for their engagement adventure session, it was just like that. Not only were they the sweetest couple, but they were so relaxed and easy-going, it honestly felt like we had been friends for ages!

Natalie and Anthony got in touch with us because they wanted to take engagement photos in the Tahoe area. The two, who really are perfect for each other, are also total opposites, which is why they were hoping we could find a way to capture photos that were outdoorsy and rustic, while also elegant and dramatic. 

Thankfully, that was totally possible thanks to the couple’s absolutely wonderful attitudes.

They came prepared for a night of fun, bringing champagne, beer, and whiskey for everyone to enjoy. We walked, danced, and even had a little picnic, totally setting the mood for their session. 

While they live in Reno, they come up from Tahoe to hike regularly, which made the setting feel right at home for them. Natalie’s beautiful dress looked wonderfully dramatic against the natural backdrop – and Anthony’s smile could literally light up any shot. We took photos along the trail, but also at the top, capturing some truly dramatic scenery as the sun went down.