March 20, 2018

Adventure Sessions: The Fun Alternative to Traditional Engagement Photography Sessions

a couple on an adventure

Engagement sessions are a once in a lifetime opportunity. They provide a chance to capture that special moment in time celebrating love and the beautiful lifelong commitment two people are making. And while we love being behind the lens of these shoots, over the years we’ve discovered that so many couples end up feeling stiff and nervous. No matter how great the setting (and the photographer), this type of energy shows up in the photos. And it’s just not what you (or we) want at the end of the day. That’s why we recommend adventure sessions for engagement shoots.

Adventure sessions are, in our opinion, the antidote to looking stiff and staged. Because they get you out of your comfort zone and into the wild (or, at least, as wild as you want to get). They help couples relax. Plus, they allow them to let down their guard so that their personalities really shine through.

You know that thing your partner fell in love with about you?

That’s what good engagement photography is all about. And that’s exactly what an adventure session will help you do.

As professional photographers, here are some of the reasons why we recommend adventure sessions for couples to consider.

1. It melts away nerves.

Getting outside (maybe even working up a bit of a sweat) is a great way to relax in general. And, when you do it right before you get photographed, it helps you to forget that the camera is even there. We’ve seen so many couples go from nervous and anxious to completely at ease. The photographs that would have happened twenty minutes before the adventure aren’t nearly as good as those that come twenty minutes in.

2. Adventure sessions are fun!

For some couples, the idea of getting their “portraits” taken for an engagement is enough to make them wish they had eloped and gotten the whole thing over with. But, when you book an adventure session, you actually have something fun to look forward to. Pick your location or let us help you find the perfect spot. We’ll do everything we can to make it feel like you are on a date. (We just happen to be that friendly couple tagging along taking all the pictures!)

3. The adventure itself is memorable.

Life really is about making memories. Why not use this as an opportunity to make a beautiful one? Couples that choose to do adventure sessions fall in love with their photos even more because there’s a real memory behind it. Everything about the adventure is captured in the photographs, and it really does not get more special than that.

4. Adventure sessions show way more personality.

Because you’re relaxed and having fun, your personality really does shine through. From serious to silly, it all shows up in these photographs, capturing so much more than just what you and your partner look like.

Of course, an adventure session isn’t right for every couple. But, for those who get excited just thinking about the idea, we can assure you that you won’t regret the decision.

– Rob and M

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